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W Bro Colin Payne is the Provincial Junior Grand Warden of Berkshire and also the Chairman of the Light Blues.

The light blues has been setup with 3 objectives:

  1. For the Pleasure and Enhancement of new Members to Freemasonry

  2. To develop and create Bonds of Friendship.

  3. To Socialize and have fun away from the Masonic Lodge

Tonight is my first meeting of the year, and first @Kennet4414 meeting since November. Hope I can remember the words - and where I put my regalia case!! #Freemasonry #BerkshireBrothers.

Bristol coach trip to see the workings for an Initiation on 8th February - for those already booked on - our dining menu comprises one FREE drink each and an egg mayo & salad starter followed by sirloin steak and usual veg. For those not booked on yet - book quickly!

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