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W Bro Colin Payne is the Provincial Junior Grand Warden of Berkshire and also the Chairman of the Light Blues.

The light blues has been setup with 3 objectives:

  1. For the Pleasure and Enhancement of new Members to Freemasonry

  2. To develop and create Bonds of Friendship.

  3. To Socialize and have fun away from the Masonic Lodge

Great day with a double whammy. Unity Peace and Concord No316 in the morning with a great talk by Hon Michael Baden Powell, Grandson of BP followed by Be Prepared Lodge hosting the KLA Autumn Festival. Super talk from @CJLedger @BePrepared9845 @BerksPGL @MetGrandLodge

In the Provence of Berkshire today invited to the Be Prepared Lodge No 9845 (Berks Scouting Lodge). Didn’t expect to come across 3 brethren from Hants & IOW Pax Hill Lodge 9878 or Baden Powell’s grandson and wife from Australia!

Today will be spent in the company of the Kindred Lodge Association. I’m very much looking forward to it because of the close association between scouting and freemasonry. Should be a good day! #freemasonry #freemasons #berkshirefreemasons @ugle @berkspgl

A bit of prep for tomorrow's @KindredLodges Festival tomorrow. Lots of guests attending from around the UK and so a great opportunity for @BerksPGL and @BePrepared9845 to shine. A great day ahead.

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